Top Tips for Getting the Best Free Bets

Free bets are all the rage these days. Across all the bookmakers you will find a variety of special offers and welcome bonuses to get you started in the world of betting. Nevertheless, how do you know which website is offering you the best deal?

The first thing you should be looking out for are the ‘bonus’ or ‘promo’ codes. These unique character combinations are scattered across television and Internet advertising. Once entered into the site, you’ll be rewarded with discounts or free bets online. These bonus codes are equally as beneficial for bookmakers, as they can be used to assess advertising strategies and discover how effective a certain type of marketing is.

It is also useful to separate the sites offering complimentary free bets and those that require you to make a cash deposit. Some sites will provide you with rewards just for registering with their service. However, others will only give you a welcome bonus as part of matching your first cash deposit. Matched deposits can range from £10 all the way up £200, but you will find the totally free bets are lesser amounts.

There are websites that actively compare deals from bookmakers for you. They will compile the best deals into helpful lists showing you what is on offer; and what you must do to receive it. Websites like these are a great way to sift through the advertising and get down to the core facts and figures.

Another handy tip is to compare the odds available from all the different bookmakers. It’s all well and good having your free bets, but you will want them to last; and with any luck deliver some winnings. Certain sites offer odds with better value whereas others will boast a greater variety of odds. Either way, it will definitely be to your advantage to scope that out.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect website offering the ideal blend of value and variety. Nevertheless, if you prioritise one or the other, you will eventually come across a deal that best suits what you are asking for

Overall, comparing each aspect of what is on offer from different bookmakers is always advised before you dive in. There isn’t necessarily a limit to how many sites you can register for, so you could always sign up with different bookmakers to maximize the deals you are getting.

The Cheltenham Betting Phenomenon – How Bookmakers Approach The Biggest UK Annual Horse Racing Event

The Cheltenham Festival is the biggest series of race meetings on the National Hunt calendar in the UK. Cheltenham betting accounts for a large percentage of all annual income for both offline and online bookmakers in relation to horse racing.

Cheltenham betting comes in a variety of different forms and methods all designed to give the best possible value to the paying customer. Cheltenham betting has been popular for a number of years as the Cheltenham Festival has become more traditional and attractive to new and old customers.

The Cheltenham Festival includes a number of big races on the horse racing calendar including the Champion Hurdle and the Cheltenham Gold Cup. It’s traditional in the United Kingdom for customers to bet on the large horse races over the year and hence betting on the Cheltenham races is extremely popular in March.

Customers will have a greater variety of methods for Cheltenham betting this year than ever before. The majority of experienced customers will dwager through high street shops or through the bookmakers who will be on the Cheltenham racecourse.

Online Cheltenham betting will be big business this year because there are more online bookmakers than ever. All of these bookmakers will be offering different promotions and special offers in order to attract the most income and attention.

In a fast paced world a lot of people will choose to do their Cheltenham betting this year via their mobile phones. A number of bookmakers now have applications that can be downloaded to a mobile allowing customers to place their bets on the move at any time of day or night.

Cheltenham betting is more popular during specific periods of the Cheltenham Festival. More activity tends to take place on the first and last days of the Festival. This is because the euphoria of the opening day causes some big wagers to be laid and the last day has some of the biggest races.

Cheltenham betting online will be safer this year because online bookmakers have better security software than ever before. This will effectively encourage potential new customers to bet online, because they will recognise it as a safer environment in which to have a flutter on the horses.

Bookmekrs get busier in the weeks preceding the festival, as the main events get closer and public interest swells. This means bookmakers are going to compete in terms of advertising for attention in the gambling world. Cheltenham betting is big business so all of the big chains and independent bookmakers take the event very seriously.

Cheltenham betting opens a huge market for bookmakers to speak to potential new customers. For example, free bets and specials. Free bets will form a large part of bookmaker’s approach to the Cheltenham festival, because they effectively allow customers to play with the cash of a bookmaker as opposed to their own. This makes them attractive to customers, and an important tool in bringing in new business for the bookmaker. These promotions can often be used as a “loss leader” by the bookmakers, as they know that punters will often continue to bet with them in the future.

Special Cheltenham betting offers are centred more around individual races and high profile jockeys and horses that are due to take part in the festival this year. Specials could include the number of wins a jockey will have at the festival. These kind of betting markets can offer potentially big wins for customers, with extremely good odds available. Using a Cheltenham free bet on such a market is recommended, since doing so offers the potential of a big win, with zero risk.

Why Bookmaker Bonus Codes Are Helpful in Football Betting

Just when one season ends another begins. It probably feels like only yesterday you and some friends were settling in with your favorite chips, cheese dip, and beer, for the sports event to end all sports events, the Super Bowl. Were the refreshments enough? Did your fantasy football league have something riding on the outcome? Were you just engaging in small friendly side bets with colleagues and family members? Or did you finally take the plunge into the world of online football betting for some potentially substantial returns?

Whatever your purpose, one thing is for certain. Football is a sport that brings out the competitor in us all, and what better way to enjoy the stakes than through the world of online wagering, where the risks can turn to reward in a single play?

If you are new to football betting, avoid panicking. Many options are out there for you to ease in with limited risk potential and maximum reward. How do you secure these opportunities? You do so through the use of bookmaker bonus codes. Why bookmaker bonus codes? Here are three reasons why bookmaker bonus codes are helpful in football betting:

Bonus Codes Minimize Risk

What do you mean it minimizes risk? You still have to cough up a lot of money to play, right? Well, that depends on what you like to consider “a lot.” It is true that the potential for loss is always present in the world of online gambling, but consider for a moment the value bonus codes can add to your gaming. Chances are if you want to play, you are willing to risk a certain amount of funds for the thrill of the game and the chance to win. For as low as $250, a bookmaker bonus code adds an additional $100 to the overall value of your account.

Bonus Codes Keep You In the Game Longer

The longer you play the game, the better you will become at it. Would it not be better to build experience and increase your odds of winning with someone else’s money? As your deposits increase in value, so too does your bonus potential. For example, say you deposit $1,000. Some bookmaker bonus codes work on percentage return, so in addition to the $1,000 in your account, you could earn an additional 20% in bonuses. That is an extra $200 of money that you do not even have to front, available for you to play and win.

Bonus Codes Are For Every Season

Bookmaker bonus codes are not limited to football betting. A reputable online gaming site will keep them coming through the entire sports year to encourage your participation and increase your chances of winning. Just make sure you adhere to the legal requirements in your jurisdiction with regards to online gaming, and have fun!

Am I Guaranteed Earnings?

No, everyone who plays will not win. The risk often outweighs the reward. But if you play wisely and stay in the game, bonus codes add value to your account that will always work in your favor. Just know what you are doing before you take the plunge, and may the best player win!